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If you’re using your personal phone number as your business phone number, you may want to reconsider. Here’s why… When your personal phone number is also your business number, you’re giving it out to EVERYONE – not only your customers, but your prospects, or in other words, people you may barely know. You’re also posting it very public places… like say the Internet. It’s on your website, it’s on your business listing sites, like Yelp and Google My Business, it’s on your social media pages ….

So much for privacy, huh? On top of that, if your personal phone number is pulling double-duty as your business phone number, you’re probably trying to answer every single call. It doesn’t matter if it’s at night. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of dinner with the family. It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation. It could be Aunt Jane or a telemarketer calling, but there’s also a very good chance it’s your next big client or opportunity. We get it. Running a small business is hard work.

But it shouldn’t require you to sacrifice your privacy and personal life. And it doesn’t have to. A dedicated business phone number makes it easier to draw a line between your work life and the rest of your life, while still making sure that your prospects and customers can easily reach you. A business phone number doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, either. For instance, with a SmartLine business phone number from GoDaddy, you use the same mobile phone you already have. One phone, two phone numbers. You’ll know instantly if an incoming call is business or just personal. You can set up business hours for when your business line rings – and doesn’t – sending off-hours calls to a separate voicemail box with a professional greeting. See, owning a small business doesn’t mean giving up your private life. You really can have both.